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Overview As your premier immigration consultancy agency located in Delware Consulting, we bring innovative approaches to the daunting process of attaining an EB-3 as one of the most crucial means of acquiring permanent residency in America.


Employment based green card category which is EB-3 stands for Employment Third Preference, refers to an avenue through which any skilled worker, professional and any other qualified individual may be eligible for green card without needing to have an employer sponsor for him or her. This option proves to be wisely advantageous to the individuals hence a viable channel of laying down one’s anchor in the United States of America.

Unmatched Proficiency: Please see bellow a general overview of the key differences between the two processes for EB-3:Current with the ever-shifting landscape of immigration laws and policies in this ever-changing world, we make certain that applicants such as yourself can present their qualifications to the best of their strengths.

Understanding that every person’s background, achievements, or goals are unique, that is why the approach is individualized in order to create methods that would best represent your potential and achieve success.
  • Rigorous Preparation

    • The process as applied to the EB-3 category is highly technical one thus needs to be handled carefully. There is also gradual accumulation of all the necessary documentation so as to have a comprehensive and logically building the case file to influence the adjudicating authorities.
  • Enduring Advocacy

    • With us, you do not just get an initial consultation followed by a lukewarm approval; rather, we are solid by your side throughout. Rest assured we are here to always keep you posted, address your queries and always stand up for your benefits with determination all through the process.


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