Revolutionize Your Immigration Journey with Our EB-1 Expertise

If you are planning to immigrate to Delware Consulting, then it is essential to be prepared to face various challenges since Inlite immigration consultancy is the best immigration consultancy firm in Delware Consulting. That is why, in our company, you will receive professional help in getting the EB-1 – the program for those seeking to obtain permanent residence as soon as possible.

EB-1 :

Metasize Your Slowed Down Time Line to Permanent Stay in the United States of America


The EB-1 stands for Extraordinary Ability in the field of a Science, Education, Art or Business; it is an employment based green card where an applicant can jump over the labor certification process. This means that one can be able to get a green card without conventional employer sponsorship and therefore can be favorable for those who have contributed a lot in their respected fields such as the inventors or researchers among others.

Unparalleled Expertise: Immigration lawyers and consultants in our team are experienced in the EB-1 process, which is a common pathway to a US green card. We make sure that each of our submission complies with the current compliance rules and guidelines to produce a targeted application that fits your profile and sets you apart.

Our aim is to make sure that every of our clients feels unique and special, which is why, we recognize that every case is peculiar. That is why before we start a real work with you, we spend time to study your experience, accomplishments, aims, and concerns, and then create an individual plan for your case, how to get you the highest chance of success.
  • Meticulous Preparation

    • The general focus on details remains strictly adhered to when it comes to the EB-1 application procedure. We always collect all papers and synthesize evidence properly to convince the judge of your case in the best possible manner.
      n for your case and record it in the best manner possible to draw the attention of the officer who will be making the decision.
      e dicta sunt explicabo.
  • Unwavering Commitment

    This process begins from the time when a customer approaches us with a request and ends with the customer’s approval of the final design. Our team will keep you informed and respond to your concerns in due time and effectively represent your concerns throughout the process.


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